Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Music. New Music!!!

To that person that suggested that I was "living on past glories" and all of you that want to get your heads in order. Check out this from LAST MONTH. I doubt that last month is considered "past glories"

Try this one too. More of the ABB most definitely NOT  "living on past glories":

Enjoy and Peace


  1. Amen, Butch! What a great night for a great cause.

    Were you, and the other guys (and Natalie) having as much fun up there as it looked like you were having? We in the crowd were loving every minute of it!

    Just like the Beacon shows every March - there's always something fresh and new going on with the ABB!


  2. Much respect to Natalie Cole.

  3. that past glories comment has everything to do with who wrote it and nothing to do with you. your music is as vibrant, alive and current as you are. shine it on and keep it goin!

  4. Hey Butch,

    I'm 26 years old and I just wanted to say thank you. The Allman Brothers Band has inspired me in ways words can't describe. I can spend a lifetime telling you about all the wonderful moments I've shared with friends and family of this diverse and incredible community. The music that this band makes becomes the soundtrack to many of our lives. While sadly some people feel the need to put you down or make false claims about the relevancy of this band please never feel the need to defend yourself to these claims. The music speaks for itself. The ABB has become a north star for many music lovers and a time machine for grooves found past, present, and future. When I hear older fans speak of Duane Allman and what it was like to see him play live for the first time I can’t help but chuckle that I will most likely speak to younger music fans someday about the first time I saw Derek Trucks in the same way. In music what is new becomes old but what is old becomes reinterpreted and reinvented. I think this has always been a big part of what the ABB was about and what you all do so well. I hoped that I could write something somewhat intelligent to express my gratitude to the band and drive the point home that some people are just d*cks. Keep the beats thumping and know your fans love you. I can’t wait to get my face melted at the beacon next year. Send my best wishes to Mr. Allman and make sure he gets his rest! On a playful note – hopefully this will inspire you to get back in the studio. Gregg has mentioned several times that he wants to do a new album. Maybe forget the studio – hopefully I’ll see you guys up at Levon Helms Barn doing something similar to what the Black Crowes did on before the frost… until the freeze. Oh man that would be so epic. Either way thank you for all that you do and I love the blog it’s fantastic!

    Thanks again,

  5. Past Glories HUH???...
    Ya know one of the biggest things that rub me the wrong way is people picking on the helpless and elderly....(insert sarcasm)
    Maybe we aughtda go find this poster and hold em down and let Butch drum on his head and see what kind of sound comes outda their ears (probably sound great cause it's hollow...LMAO)
    I don't know what others see but from where I'm standing I say there may be snow on the roof (in Butch's case bald...LOL)but there is still a raging fire in that music furnace...
    Rock On!!!

  6. Well musically what calls itself today The Allman Brothers Band is fine. All the musicans are great players. But I'm 68 years old and was an Allman Brothers nut in 69,70,71,72 and even in 1973 with both Duane and Berry gone, the band was hot but it was different. There were moments when it sounded like the Allman Brothers and moments when it didn't. But it was Chuck Leavell on piano and Lamar Williams on bass. After the Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts solo albums and tours,to me, starting in 1974, the band didn't really have an Allman Brother vibe. It sounded more like the Gregg Allman Band and The Dickey Betts Band put their bands together with Butch and Jaimoe on drums and called it the Allman Brothers. Then the break up over Scooter Herring, then back together with Dan Toler (sorry he is sick, hope is finds peace)on guitar and Rook Goldflies on bass. That band was pretty good but it just didn't nail the Allman Brothers vibe and sound. I didn't much care for the 1989-90 version with Johnny Neal on piano but starting in 1991 with Warren Haynes playing in Duane's chair and Allen Woody playing bass with a spirit that would remind one of Berry Oakely, I think THAT was the line up that came very close to the original line up. But Haynes and Woody quit in 1997 and I began to loose interest in the ABB again. I did see a couple of show with Jack Pearson and Otiel and three with Derek, Dickey and Otiel that again came close to the vibe and energy of the original band.

    When Dickey was forced out (noticed Gregg Allman interview for Low Country Blues and he said "I thought Dickey would call me when I had my surgery but so far not a word", "Dickey loves to fight and the rest of us (meaning original members?) sobered up and just got sick of it. But I have nothing against the man. I wish him all the best and hope he finds himself" when Dickey was forced out and now there are NO original guitar players in a band that is guitar driven, after 8 shows I just can't see the Allman Brothers. I miss Dickey, Duane and Berry too much and it just screws up the evening for me. So I bailed on the Allman Brothers live in 2006 and now I only play the original band on CD and sometimes Brothers and Sisters when I need to hear the brothers. For me the Allman Brothers kinda ended when Duane and Berry got killed and after Dickey was forced out, it just made it way too much different for me and several cats I know my age. I just can't get into it. But Butch the musicians you have now are all great. It just ain't the ABB to me. But don't fret. I bet for every 68 year old "original band" freak that has dropped out because of having Dickey AND Duane and Berry off the stage, you've picked up five new fans who weren't even born when Duane was alive. And these young fans would rather hear the songs you all play now than Blue Sky or Ramblin Man or Jessica and would rather see Warren and Derek playing hot guitar than Dickey who has to be close to 70 now or a 65 year old Duane Allman or Berry Oakely. It may very well be the original band, if it were still alive and intact, wouldn't work today. Who knows. It could be just as hot as it was in 1971 or it could be six guys all burned out. Well five. Butch you seemed to be the ONE original who still keeps the energy and good play going all night. The last few times I saw the band, Gregg was tired and not really holding up for the entire show and Jaimoe was on and off and a couple of times left the stage. But several old original band fans like myself just can't dig what today is called the Allman Brothers. I know of several and we feel the same about Skynyrd!!! Hell I think they only have ONE original left. So we don't go anymore and those Beacon trips were getting damn expensive anyway. Hope Gregg recovers and good luck to you Butch. Man you've played a lot of ABB gigs with every lineup they've had. I got to say that is impressive!!

  7. Good stuff! How great it would be to see that kind of thing come out on DVD or CD rather than via youtube. I agree with Peacheatin's post; how wonderful it would be for the ABB to bring their music to Levon Helms's barn for a few days in front of audiences to record new songs live. The best of all worlds: the ABB live, with new and different songs, for release so that people who can't make it to the Beacon get to hear it loud and proud on their home stereos.

  8. I agree with James Lawson to a degree. It's not the same band but there is one commonality. It's still a jam band playing the original songs and that is what I enjoy. I saw the band last October in Boston. Previously, I had seen them right after Brothers and Sisters was released in the 70's. I was concerned about Gregg's health and thought this would be the last time I could see the band live. I wasn't expecting a 70's style performance but boy was I surprised. Derek and Warren are simply two of the greatest guitar players in modern times. The energy I felt during that concert was incredible. Now I'm hoping I get chance to see them again.

    On a side note, the Orpheum Theater in Boston is too small. I wish you could play in a bigger venue. The aisles were filled with idiots dancing like maniacs (I've never thought of ABB music as dance music! How does one dance to Whipping Post?) and I had a hard time getting to the lobby to buy a beer.

  9. I was at the Beacon show for Hep C... Natalie was great and in wonderful voice , a real entertainer... The band was good... I left at break time. For reasons I will not hash over on here.

    I am in total agreement with James Lawson.. he has said exactly what I have been feeling for yrs... I will be 60 in Oct. and I am female... Love the Allman Brothers for who they once were and the music they gave so lovingly, to themselves and all of their fans... an unbelievable catalogue of great musicianship, leading a brotherhood style , and the honesty they gave by example back then. It made a huge impression on my life.

    In a single criticism of the ABB music today.. is, and I have said it many times and it is only mo.. it is TOOOOOOO LOWWWWWW it's rock baby... let's hear it... Shake the house, rock the foundation.. let it rip open...

    and Butch you still can rock with the best of them.. You are an amazing drummer to hear and watch ... hard at work... staggering and mind blowing at times... Thanks for the music... Thanks for my special memories I have of my favorite band...

    I don't want your blog to go in a different direction, this is a great place, love the conversations whether political or personal, business etc.. no need to defend any one or your own opinions.. It's all good..

    Get well wishes out to Gregg... He has had a difficult year health wise and needs to rest... the older we get , the harder the simplest things are to do... I am happy you are all out on the road making music ... my wish is for everyone of the original members to forgive each others short comings recognize each others worth.. simple words hard to digest..

    peace and love ...

  10. Butch I love the idea of the Allman Bros playing new original material live and selling it,you guys can still rock no doubt.But as time goes on it will be 9 years without any new releases from the bros I can understand die hard fans like myself complaints >The Allman brothers are too talented of a band to just keep playing van morrison covers.I have enjoyed Egypt and Bag end(hate the name) very much.guys like neil young and bob dylan are constantly recording new original can the Bros.God bless the ABB!

  11. Hey Butch,

    You know that for every hater there are 100 lovers. So pay no mind to the haters and continue to treat the good guys with great stories and music.

    btw, is that an AC Milas jersey that wearing at the Hep C? Please tell me you're a soccer fan. And if you are, I'll try my best to convert your to a Tottenham Hotspur fan. And if so, maybe you can give us a post on why you like soccer.

  12. Butch love your blog,would love to see you guys reconcile your differences with dickey someday before it is too late.I know their is probably a lot of hatred towards him but life is too short.

  13. Oops. I meant Milan.

    And, to everyone who says that the ABB is no longer the same: no crap! what band, person, family, company or country is the same today as it was 41 years ago?

    The ABB music spirit is there and the musicianship is other worldly. I'll take an ABB show over anything else. I hope you guys play for as long as you possibly can.

  14. I disagreed with those " past glories" comments even before I saw the clips you posted which were amazing. In my opinion, the music , whether it be studio or live albums, has been outstanding since the ABB reunited in '89. I understand fans have been upset by personnel changes ( i.e the Dickey situation-I too was shocked and surprised by it). Thankfully, the band decided to move forward and as a result, Warren and Derek have become a tremendous tandem and the music continues to evolve. Butch, thanks so much for all of the great music all these years and I enjoy the stories about the old days. When time allows, you should write a book

  15. James Lawson:I felt the same way when Warren Haynes and Allen Woody left in 1997. Unlike you, I never saw the original lineup. My first show was Merriwether Post Pavilion in 1991 after "Shades" came out, and I was blown away. I saw them regularly after that, but I couldn't picture the band without Warren Haynes and didn't return until his first tour back, and I got my doors blown off all over again. It may not be the original guitarists, but it is the two best blues guitarists of their respective generations playing together, and with a hell of a bassist to boot.


  16. Thank you for sharing these,Butch. I grew up in Macon...remember when you guys came to town...I was 11 but I heard of these long haired guys who came to Macon to make cousin wound up marrying Micheal Hyland, so I had a connection to Capricorn back then...the band may have lost some members along the way...but you still make me feel the same way I did the first time I heard an ABB song...a 45 of Statesboro Blues...thank you for 40+ years of amamzing music

  17. To all of you guys that were really into the original line up, you have no idea how much I ws too. Well, maybe you get some inkling from a couple of my posts. Sadly Duane and Berry are dead. That is the reality we have no choice but to live with. That being said, I am having more fun playing with this current group than at any time since 1971. The technical ability across the board is incredible. Though we are not as adventurous as the original group, there is little doubt that dynamically, the range of technical ability, etc is the best it has ever been. Probably most import, we all respect each other and we like each other. We do not have bad nights any more. Though some nights are transcendental, even the ones that don't reach that level are always fun, with moments of "being there." I respect your opinion to not like this line up the way I do. That is your right. I am just grateful that 42 years after Duane began this thing that we are still making what I know to be great music. It fills my soul and I can't wait for December to go at it again. The word is that 2011 will be back to touring through the summer with many more ABB dates than recent years. To all of you that keep wanting another recording, we are talking about it. It gets difficult when Gregg, Warren and Derek are all doing their own projects. Getting enough time from them to spend writing, rehearsing and recording an ABB project is the problem. I trust that we will solve that problem and something new will be released in the not too distant future. To the dude the doesn't like the name "Bag End" some back ground. Bag End was the name of Bilbo Baggin's home in Lord of the Rings. The song also ends B A G. Double entendre.

  18. There was nothing like the original ABB line up with Duane and Dickey. But there is nothing like the ABB of today with Derek and Warren. I saw ABB with the Doobie Brothers two nights in a row. The second night, same Doobies, entirely different ABB show. ABB is dynamic.

    I wish I could say I miss Dickey but I don't. I like the new sound as much as the old sound.

  19. Many years ago, in order to be as close to an "at home Mom" and yet still bring home the bacon, my husband and I owned a "car service" (glorified taxi stand). when not dispatching during reg school hours, I was able to run folks to and from both Ft Myers and Sarasota airports, with my severely handicapped daughter sitting in "the queens seat" up front next to Mama in our Custom Dodge Ram van.
    Many of my customers were extremely elderly, one woman in particular told to me some of the wisest words Ive ever heard.
    First, she asked me her age. Charlotte county had the "oldest population in the world" at that time, by chronological age of residents.
    Being kind, I answered 65, thinking this ol gal is 70 if she's a day.
    Her smile lit up the airport. She turned and said she was 98 years old, while scurrying to catch her plane, I could barely keep up to hand her her bag and wave her off, not being able to leave the curb/van with Heather along for the ride. Before she ran off, I asked her how she did it? Looked and acted so young! She answered that in life, you must roll with the punches, accept change or wither and die. She also went on to say she how many children she had, and had buried, how many husbands, and yet , tho I could see the heartache in her eyes as she spoke of her family,(she was the only one left) she lived on, she was a survivor of the highest degree. Elegant, energetic, and honoring her loved ones by living what remained of her life joyously.
    Of course many fans would love to see ALL the Brothers making ammends, but not to stop doing what they love and do best. Whatever will be, I will learn to love and enjoy what brings the artists peace of mind.. To me this music , their music, both old and new , gives to me new life everytime I listen.. imho. Ca

  20. Butch it would be awesome if you guys decide to tour next summer and "maybe" some new songs will come out.I am the dude who dislikes the name Bag end,thanx for sharing the history behind that name.

  21. Butch, thank you for your willingness to make more new music. I love the way the ABB breathes life into their classic songs, and I love the way you guys make cover songs your own thing. I just also look forward to new creations of your own making. The level of talent in this band is just so astonishing!
    You guys should make the recording process easy on yourselves - take over Derek's studio for a month, or Levon's barn for a week.

  22. Four generations of ABB lovers in my Macon born family. I find it humorous that so many folks commenting keep bringing up Dickey. I think Duane would be real proud of Derek.

  23. The music is STILL fantastic after attending too many shows to count. Without question, Butch Trucks works his ass off in every show to give the ABB fans what they paid for...great southern rock and roll blues, jam, you name it.

  24. Two sentences: I wish I could hear Thelonius Monk play his "past glories" in concert somewhere tonight. When you're playing at the level that Monk played and the ABB play, there are only continuing glories.

  25. Hi Butch! Thanks for the insights and blog! Any chance of a Hep C Benefit EP with the Cole songs included? At this point I'd like some new live cuts with Warren and Barbiero (sp?) behind the boards. Here was my suggestion on the Hittin' the Note forum back this spring...


    Spanish Key
    Blind Willie McTell
    Who's Been Talking
    Gambler's Roll
    Black Hearted Woman->Other One Jam->Black Hearted Woman

    I Walk on Guilded Splinters
    Bag End
    River's Gonna Rise
    Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
    Come on in My Kitchen
    Kind of Bird
    No One to Run With

  26. I like the list above..I feel the Brothers could make a terrific live new album with Egypt,Bag End,Blind will mctell,Rivers gonna Rise,Just another rider from gregg newest cd and 5 new originals.

  27. We love Blind Williw McTell, really have made it there own, and it just seems so appropriate a tune for the ABB- it'd be cool to work out a way to either jam from statesboro blue to Blind Willie McTell or vice versa (probably could work into it from one of those occassional Statesboro outro jams. Another one they did at a show we were at was "ain't no Love in the Heart of the City", it wasnt perfect, but could work out as a good tune to cover.

  28. So when does Eddie Vedder sing with you guys? Eventually he has got to start at the top of his list with the "A"s.