Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Responses To Your Comments On My FIrst Blog Post

Wow. I am blown away by the amount of people that actually took the time to read my first rant. Before I rail on again, I feel like I should respond to some of your comments. Judi, thank you for getting things started. All the best to you and Paco. Miss you guys. To all of you that liked anything I had to say and said so: thank you. To those of you that didn't: thank you for at least showing up and giving it a read. You are obviously entitled to your opinions (as was pointed out by IdlewildRickT, it does say "The World According to Butch Trucks" in big letters at the top of the page. To say that what I write is self indulgent is redundant to the max. 'Tis the nature of the beast. To Sully and Gina: thank you for your insights into my comments concerning religion. I promise a full blown rant in the near future that will give you a great deal more to react to. To those of you that said that you don't really care what I have to say, why do you waste your time reading it? Then waste more time responding? You must have better things to do. As I said earlier the top of this page leaves no doubt who's opinion this is. I think "Fox News" is nothing but a propaganda arm of the GOP and that Glenn Beck and his idiotic conspiracy theories about anything the the left of Hitler are full of, not only his opinions, which he is entitled to, but false information, and I believe that some of what he says is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater. He is dangerous and I believe he belongs in a mental institution. The result of our last election is, in my opinion, due somewhat to people like Mr. Beck. To get to the point, I just choose not to waste my time watching, listening or in anyway paying attention to him and others like him. You have that same choice. Especially the anonymous that thinks I am a narcissistic horses ass: you apparently know me and have some kind of axe to grind. If you want to continue to come here and post, then be my guest but don't you have things to do in your life that are more rewarding? To Scott: I would like to know what you mean about my "boycott" of The Black Keys. My only contact in life with them came at the 2009 Wanee Fest. They refused to allow us to put them on our webcast. I spent a lot of time trying to change their minds but they decided not to. I think you may have some bad info. To 34d, I have read "Misquoting Jesus". I'll get into that one and many more in the one I promised Sully and Gina. Whether or not The New Deal got us out of the depression and it was actually WWII, what would you call WWII from a fiscal perspective? We spent many times our GDP fighting that war and look at what happened. That level of "deficit spending" created an economic juggernaut that has dominated the world for almost 70 years. Now, even after that kind of evidence, we still get the foolishness that cutting taxes and cutting spending will boot the economy. Cripes, just look at the stats under Clinton and W if WWII isn't enough proof for ya. 

Mostly I would like to respond to another anonymous (amazing how many of you have that name :-). First off thank you for the compliment about my drumming. I do actually agree that I may spout what I have learned and do know out a feeling of intellectual inferiority. I would propose the concept that most people that get on a stage, write, act or do anything to get public attention do so, at least to some degree, out of an inner need for approval. I chose to play music and did not complete my education so I have spent a great deal of my free time (and fortunately musicians have a lot of that) reading everything from the classics (one of the worst experiences of my life was The Peloponnesian War), fantasy, science fiction and once I finish Ulysses I think I'll give my brain a rest and reread "The Wheel of Time".  Someone is finally writing the ending. I also have hundreds of lectures from a company called "The Teaching Company" that range from philosophy to literature to history and even some science. This is what I listen to in my car so every trip to the grocery store is like going to school. I will not be ignorant. I may not be right  to some of you. Most of what I am saying is opinion and not provable either way. I promise you that what I say will be based on facts not lies and if you see a misstatement please feel free to show me where I am wrong. But I digress.

After taking your criticism, anonymous, I would like to offer you a bit. You are wrong about what John Locke wrote. I have spent a good deal of time the last two days researching his quote (BTW, I got my information that Jefferson quoted Locke in "The Declaration" from a lecture by Dr. Alan Charles Kors, professor of history at The University of Pennsylvania, I didn't feel the need to fact check him). It turns out that what Locke actually said came from a 1689 piece "A Letter Concerning Toleration". His quote was: "Civil interest I call life, liberty, health, and indolency of body: and the possession of outward things". Dr. Kors referred to Locke's "Second Treatise on Government" 1690 where he said "Man being born, as has been proved, with a title to perfect freedom, and an uncontrolled [uncontrolled] enjoyment of all the rights and privileges of the law of nature, equally with any other man, or number of men in the world, hath by nature a power, not only to preserve his property, that is, his life, liberty and estate." There is a lot of debate about what exactly Locke meant by "estate" and the conservative response seems to be "land". You will find "life, liberty and land" attributed to Locke everywhere, but he never said it as far as I can find. If you can point out where he did, please do. I mean that in all seriousness. I meant what I said when I said I try and learn something everyday. Jefferson did quote Locke later when he used the phrase "a long train of abuses."

I'll wrap this one up by saying that the single most influential person on my life (other than my wife) was Duane Allman. I'll tell the story of how he changed my outlook and my life in a moment of epiphany some other time. I'll just end this with my favorite quote of his. Most of you know it. It is on his gravestone. He wrote it in his notebook Dec 31, 1968, just weeks before he started putting together the Allman Brothers Band.

"This year I will be more thoughtful of my fellow man, exert more effort in each of my endeavors professionally as well as personally, take love wherever I find it, and offer it to everyone who will take it. In this coming year I will seek knowledge from those wiser than me and try to teach those who wish to learn from me. I love being alive and I will be the best man I possibly can -------"


  1. Butch- Awhile back I read a quote in a magazine article about you in which a buddy of yours from Florida called you, "A Redneck Mensa." Couldn't of said it better myself. Keep it comin'-

  2. Thanks again Butch! I loved the closing and posted the quote on my own FB page. Keep it comin' indeed.

  3. Butch - Nice reply. I'm basically a libertarian at heart - I'm personally skeptical of organized religion, but respect many aspects of it. Bottom line is if it helps you, and you don't try to force it on me- no problem. Ditto most other all-too-common GOP vices -- Gay people don't scare me, the war on drugs is a monumental failure (and I don't smoke *anything*, apart from 2nd hand whiffs at ABB shows!) etc... (though there are many on the right open to realistic drug laws)

    On the other hand, fiscally I'm on the free market/right side of the spectrum- so we certainly seem to differ there. I think Obama is grossly incompetent and corrupt - and that gov't spending and influence over *both* our financial and personal lives is wayyy out of line. So I suspect we'd have quite a bit of common ground and some serious differences - but that's what makes the world go 'round. It takes guts to start a blog and open up like this, and possibly alienate some fans/friends -- but you seem up for the criticism and praise- so I hope it proves to be a rewarding experience for you.

    ps - read Thomas Paine's Age of Reason if you haven't already.


  4. Enjoyed getting a little look into your head.... Looking forward to more..... Just wanted to thank you for your continued positive influence, both musically and spiritually....

    Rock on brother - Darren

    P.S. : I know this isn't the forum for it, but I read that Greg was hospitalized and had to miss a show this week... I've been looking all over for any kind of update, but can't find anything at all.... Any word on his condition? Wish him the well from his extended family for me

  5. I enjoyed reading about how you came to atheism. I actually went atheist in high school after a year at a religous private school. Unlike you I never did the church thing growing up,and I am also 21 years younger than you so it was a different time in terms of culture. I was still taught from a young age about God and Jesus, so it was a difficult process to admit to myself and others that I was in fact, an atheist. I still keep my religous beliefs to myself unless someone presses me, (although I think most people should do that anyway) as it keeps the barnyard peaceful. Please keep this blog up as I am looking forward to reading it regularly.

    ps: sorry about the anonymous post, for some reason my URL wasn't acceptable. I'll post with my info once I figure that out.

  6. Just FYI Butch, I tried to post with my URL and name too but was rejected. The system seems broken somehow. That's why you're getting so many Anonymous posts.

  7. you don't need to enter a URL, you can just inset your name.

  8. Butch, Thanks for putting up your blog. I will begin by saying I disagree with a lot of what you say. But at the same time I not only respect your right to say it but greatly appreciate the effort you put into making your thoughts known. I totally respect your self-education. Even though I did complete my formal education I continue to read vociferously on history, philosophy politics etc. My views have changed many times since my youth and no doubt will again. Like the great Harry Truman you are self-educated and in many ways a good self-education is superior to what we today call higher education. In my opinion no one's education is done until they are in the grave. Not incidentally I love your drumming and the music of the Allman Brothers Band but of course that goes without saying. I look forward to future rants.

  9. Hey Butch! It's an honor to read your thoughts. Many musicians are afraid to speak on this level. Look, you're a wonderful drummer legend for the greatest southern rock band ever! I learned guitar from the allman bros in the '70s. Keep talking!


  10. Wow! Duane was amazing! Allman Bros would not have existed without him.

  11. One thing I can certainly say for sure is, thank you for starting this blog and for your courage to open yourself up to all (yes, that is courage).

    When I read your first rant I was literally astounded because your views on religion are very similar to my own. I was raised in a "christian" home (at first Methodist churches and then "independent bible teaching" churches) but it was indeed force fed. I love my parents (I'm 55 and they are in their late 70s) but we stay clear of discussing religion most of the time we are together. I see and saw them as products of the typical 50s mind-set that was very prevalent through the portion of the bible-belt which we lived in. I was "saved" at 7 years of age because I was scared shitless that I would burn forever in hell if I did not; after viewing a movie at a "Youth for Christ" meeting at the local general activity coliseum.

    I never felt the same. Lived with fear in one form or another for several years. I was a "functional" alcoholic and addict by the time I graduated high school. Life in general just never seemed like it was what my parents had taught me it could be. For those that will flame this comment, I'm not blaming my parents for anything. They could only live their lives as to how they were taught and how they tried to teach me. I just never fully bought into it ... it didn't seem "right" for some reason.

    In order to shorten the story, I married, had kids, worked and did all the grown-up things an adult is supposed to do. I was too lazy though to look for a solution or something that made since for my life until I went to rehab at the age of 46. I have been clean and sober for the past 9 years and became very comfortable with my beliefs during this time as well. I now feel "happiness", "real unconditional love" with my wife and children, really experiencing life for the first time as an adult who is ok with his opinions and beliefs.

    So I look forward with great anticipation to what you have to say here on this venue. I was and am a huge Allman Bros. fan as well, I can't let a month go by without listening to the "Live at Fillmore East" album, "Whipping Post" at least.

    Best Wishes from a student and a fellow human being - Rick B.

  12. I am an Allman Bros. fan and have been from the very beginning. I am also politically conservative. I know a good portion of Entertainers are Liberal....but don't ruin it for a great number of your fans>.....JUST PLAY!!

  13. I feel the same as R Hunt. I too tend to lean more to the conservative side of governing, less taxes, less spending, less government. But i too love the Allman Bros. At this point its the only thing i listen to. But what makes this country great is that we can have these conversations and differences and still go have a beer afterwards

  14. I love your drumming and now I think I love your head too!

  15. I love your honesty and your writing and just the fact that you will share with us your opinions. I am slightly p'd at the comment of R. "...JUST PLAY" in that he makes it sound like you don't need to have a brain. Although, I am slightly concerned that your words will end up in some rag scewed and misquoted for the sake of selling. I just had this vision of your publicist lying on the sofa with an ice bag on his head.

  16. Steven in FairbanksJuly 16, 2011 at 11:20 AM

    A Turkish colleague a few years ago asked me, why can't people just get along? I'm reading the comments above and I'm thinking, in this community of fans, almost all of us are doing just that; getting along.

    Butch, your thoughts are clear and well stated. You are openning up and allowing others to comment on what can be (should be) an amazing conversation. This kind of sharing will take us back to our roots of examining our lives, doing the fair thing, and getting along. There are many paths to the mountain and no one is better than another.

    See you in Alaska sometime?

  17. Sorry Deana...I just prefer to compartmentalize..meaning that I prefer my musician heroes to play music and entertain me....and my philosophical sages to be somewhere in a different arena. Tell you what, I'll try and keep Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck from playing the drums if you can talk Butch into not entering the left wing blogosphere.

  18. Butch, I agree with so much, but not all, of you rants. I think the attitude of others that are so angry at YOUR opinion is reflective of most of the problems we are facing. Whatever happened to open disagreement without the stupidity of "it's my way or no way" compromise was what was agreed upon last week by the President and the GOP leadership but then pressure from the GOP extremists and the teaparty put a halt to the progress. The compromise would have been about 4 trillion in spending cuts for a FEW billion is tax increases. What a deal but the GOP leadership caved on this for politcal gains. None of this would have happened if we weren't approaching an election.
    On another note, as a Ram graduate and co band member of yours under George P. and a big fan of the original "ookie doo" thanks for years of great music and memories.

  19. To Mike July 15, 2011 3:49 PM.

    Mike we have a managed market system and always have. A totally "free market" is Somalia. The grossly corrupt and incompetent gave us this mess. You sound like a decent thoughtful person.

    I would caution that you don't romanticize the terminology "free market" we are a huge continent with over 300 million people from sea to shining sea. Its going to be and has been expensive to organize a civilized society around those facts, but more costly if we don't.

    Government is not the problem, there is plenty of money its a matter of how that money is allocated. Right now it has been hoarded at the top and taken out of circulation. Can't run a consumer based economy hoarding the dollars out of circulation. Government is the the only one big enough to bring suit if GE nukes Buffalo by accident or by unintended consequences or by being cheap.

    Keynes was right private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes (pollution, overfishing, beach erosion, pesticides, monopolies, collusion, conflicts of interest, corruption, strip mining, clear cutting)and therefore advocates active policy responses.

    With apologies to Buffalo :)

  20. What a great idea to post responses to all your comments! That's very thoughtful and it promotes debate.

    Just one thing you forgot to point out to your anonymous buddy who wrote of your "narcism" using "pretentious" spellings and phrases (e.g., "I suppose"): there is a universal law that if you spot it, you've got it, bro. It's great that Butch can be your mirror for you like that! But with that in mind, I suggest you quit throwing those stones...

  21. R. Hunt...Tell ya what, don't read blogs by your musician heroes. But by all means keep reading Rush and Glen.

  22. Sorry for posting this here, but I've spent over 30 mins searching here and the www for why the Brothers aren't touring. Any info? Thanks!

  23. jbdawg. You're looking in the wrong places. Check Gregg, Warren and Derek's sites and you will notice that all three of them have new recordings out that they are spending the summer promoting. As far as if and when the Allman Brothers will release a new record, I guess it's up to them. I wish I could write songs. Too damned right brained. That's why I play the drums. We are putting together a full Allman Brothers schedule for next year though so all is well. In the meantime check out all three of their new records. There is some damn good stuff on em.

  24. Paul-

    I hesitate to get too deep into this as our worldviews are wayy apart - but Somalia is essentially anarchy- not free market. Big difference. Of course there has to be some stability, basic government for any society to thrive... The rub I have with your view, as I interpret them, is 'allocate' -- money is not a zero-sum thing- if some earn more it doesn't mean that others have to have less. The pie, and its slices, grow. The poor today have immeasurably better lives, materially, than the poor of a few decades ago. You can call it 'allocate' if you like, but theft is theft. I'm tired of money being taken from me under the guise of compassion, when it really is used to create dependency and to buy votes for career politicians. I can help those in need better, and more morally, than they can with my money. So can you.

    I've never understood why those who are so skeptical of 'big business' see the State as a better solution. No one *has* to shop at WalMart - so why would anyone want to concentrate so much power to 'allocate' resources with people who have mininal business skills, consistently questionable character, and can legally use force to its advantage? At least BestBuy doesn't have a friggin' army.


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