Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Whether you are a liberal, conservative or simply moving though this world as best you can without confrontation; whether you are a friend, enemy or simply don't know nor care who I am, may you all have a very Happy Holiday Season.

From the World According to Butch Trucks


  1. And the same to you, Butch! Wishing you a safe, Happy Holidays, and a prosperous 2012!

    I just discovered your blog a few days ago, and I'm hooked! I felt compelled to blog about your blog! Hopefully my post will bring some more readers your way:

    All the Best,

    Aaron Robertson
    A big ABB fan in the Milwaukee area

  2. Drinking Vodka, listening to the Fillmore East Live and waiting for Santa.
    It is currently 1 degree outside and waiting for it to hit 0.
    Merry Christmas Butch!
    Thanks for all the years of great music!!
    Santa says he will leave coal for all the Republicans.

  3. Peace to all who read this...

    And a Happy New Year!

    Thanks Butch Trucks!

  4. Butch,

    A happy holiday to you and your family and much thanks for the blog.
    Looking forward to more ABB in the new year.

  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  6. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family Butch. I can't thank you enough for this blog. It really takes me back....

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Thank you for all the wonderful music over the years.

    Joanne...hoping that you and the ABB come to Calgary someday.

  8. Merry Christmas Butch. I happened on to your blog by accident tonight and really enjoy your stories about the old ABB. I can't tell you what your music has meant to me. It's in my soul. Long may you run brother. Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas and a very happy 2012 to you and your family, Butch.

  10. Merry Christmas & a Happy 2012 to you, your family & The Allman Brothers Band! As a consevative Republican, I obviously don't share your political philosophy, but, I honest to God love your music! I guess that's the beauty of music. that it's able to bridge all kinds of gaps & touch all different souls. All the best, good health , love & happiness in the new year! Kevin in Warren

  11. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and your family, Butch. I too love reading your thoughts and recollections. Now, what do you say, let's get a Beacon run on Moogis for 2012!!

  12. The christmas season hopefully will allow most of us all to reflect on the importance of friends and family. May god protect and bless your family Butch Trucks. I appreciate the treasures that you have laid down on vinyl and tape for us. I hope that you know you have made my life a little better through your music. WV

  13. just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy rhe blog. was at jaimoe's cd release party at bridge st. live. no frogwings gigs anytime soon? merry christmas to you sir!

  14. Happy New Year, Butch. Hope it's your best ever.


  15. Butch, and to all of the ABB family, friends and fellow Peach Heads, have very safe and blessed New Year!!!!!!!! Rock On

  16. First saw the ABB in Atlanta in 1969. I'm also 64 (born 1947) and have seen you play the drums dozens and dozens of times since then. Last time I saw the original band was in 1971 in North Carolina. Saw the five man band about five times:-) then the Chuck Leavell/Lamar Williams version probably 20 times between 73 and 76 with 1976 in Roanoke, Va being the last time as the band broke up shortly afterwards over Gregg and Scooter. When I saw the ABB next was in 1979 and Dan Toler and Rook Goldflies were in the band as Chuck and Lamar stayed with Sea Level. Saw the 79 tour about seven times and the band was hot but maybe not as sophisticated as the original and Chuck/Lamar versions. And I say that with all due respect to Dan Toler who is very ill. That was even more the case in 81 when the late Frankie Toler had replaced Jaimoe on drums and Mike Lawler was playing the weird keyboard device. Then after the ABB decided to put the band on the shelf during the 80's, I saw you play drums with Betts,Hall, Leavell, Trucks four times including a very hot show at the Coffee Pot (a small venue) in Roanoke, Va. Remember you and Dickey being interviewed by a TV crew and the man commented that only some of the songs were ABB songs and you said "We've played Elizabeth Reed enough" and Dickey looked at you and smiled. I didn't see you play again until 1989 with the ABB. Did see Gregg many times in the 80's solo with the Toler brothers and in 1988 Gregg and Dickey did a tour together and I caught that three times. The club in Winston-Salem billed it as "The Allman Brothers live on stage tonight" and I remember Dickey saying at the start of the part where Gregg and Dickey's bands played a set together "That sign outside is bullshit. Butch Trucks and Jaimoe aren't here so we don't call this the Allman Brothers". He was standing next to Gregg and his organ so I guess Gregg agreed. Happy Holidays to you too! You are a fine musician.

  17. Dear Butch,

    Please stop talking about politics and make another Allman Brothers album. Four solo albums in one year is great, but could you at least issue a CD with live versions of all the new songs - especially "Egypt"? I can't afford $30/CD to get one or two new songs.

    Nobody gives a shit about politics, and nothing you type or say is going to cause anybody the change the way they vote. All it might do is turn people off of the Allman Brothers.



  18. Jon, I appreciate your comment, but some people do "give a shit" about politics. One of the reasons I started this blog was to start a civil "conversation" about the politicians that we elect to run our government. Sad fact is far too many people agree with you and allow others to choose for them. A democracy cannot work if the people who live in it are not educated about who and what is governing them. What happens then is what seems to be happening: those few that want to have power and run things their way wind up taking over. Thomas Jefferson was constantly talking and writing about the importance of an educated and active electorate. As far as a new CD is concerned, we are seriously talking about when and how that will happen. Stay tuned.

  19. Dear Jon Dawson,

    I read your comment, "nobody gives a shit about politics," and wondered: How long has Jon been listening to music, or paying attention to artistic commentary in general.

    The first concert I ever saw, at the age of four, was when my parents took me to see The Weavers give a children's matinee show. The show featured songs in many languages and from many cultures, including, of course for the time, civil rights songs. The folk era was by nature very political, and gave rise to such gems as Tom Lerhrer's "Folk Song Army" with the ending lyric being, "We are the Folk Song Army, guitars are the weapons we bring, to the fight against poverty, war and injustice, Ready, Aim, Sing."

    The Blues also has deep roots in economic and social injustice. There are many examples of the prison blues and the working blues... it certainly isn't all, "My Baby Done Left Me..."

    In the 60's and early 70's Rock Music helped define a "counter-culture" which was despised by the "establishment." The examples are far too numerous to try and list, but do remember the effort that Richard Nixon expended trying to deport John Lennon for just one.

    Of course, it isn't only musicians, it is the nature of art itself to be communicative. Remember, a tapestry of Picasso's "Guernica" was covered up by a curtain as Colin Powell argued to the world that Saddam Hussein had WMD, and we all know now, and many of us knew then, that the case was false, as was reported in the Downing St. minutes: "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

    Artists have a unique way of mirroring the world we live in back to us, of giving expression to every aspect of what it is to be human, the political included.

    So I want to thank Butch Trucks for this blog, and thanks to all who've taken the time to read my postings. May we all enjoy a "Revival" year in 2012:

    "We're in a revolution. Don't you know we're right.
    Everyone is singing. Yeah! There'll be no one to fight.
    People can you feel it? Love is everywhere."

    Happy New Year!
    Robert Schwartz

  20. Butch,

    Thanks for the reply, although I'm not sure what your basis for writing that I allow others to make my decisions for me or that I am uneducated. As a musician and multiple NCPA award winning writer (my interview with Oteil is on the Allman Brothers site), I'm as up to date on what I'm supposed to believe Democrats and Republicans stand for as the next guy.

    When I say "don't give a shit", that means I believe the whole political scene has devolved to the point when Bill Clinton can screw everything from Arkansas to Washington and be viewed as a feminist, but if Herman Cain does it the whole world goes crazy. Does this seem fair to you, Butch? If they're both running around, why aren't they both treated the same way. Just looking at it on paper, the Democrats must believe it's okay for a white man to run around but not a black man. For the record, I voted for Bill Clinton twice, but I stand by my argument.

    Mr. Scwartz - I appreciate your comments too, even if they are a bit ham fisted. I don't need any education on the stupidity of the George W. Bush administration, but when the current president appoints a guy to head the treasury who hasn't paid his taxes, I think it's safe to say stupidity isn't limited to one side of the aisle.

    Of course it was stupid to try and deport John Lennon for being a radical. They should have deported him for being an abusive husband and father. It seems Mr. Peace had a problem that rarely gets mentioned.

    Now, we've all got snippy with each other an nothing has changed. I should have spent this time listening to "Desdemona" - see my point?

  21. Jon, the Republicans took Clinton's dilly-dallying and subsequent attempts to slime his way around it seriously enough to attempt to have him removed from office. Unless I'm missing something, it was Republican voters who flocked away from Cain in droves when his alleged sleazy behavior came to light. I'm not sure where this is coming from that a double standard exists.

  22. Mr. Dawson,

    My point was not so much about John Lennon, as it was about the political nature of much of the music of that era. I will note though, that John Lennon, whatever his personal faults actually noted musically the subject you mentioned both in "Getting Better" and "Woman is the N----- of the World."

    It might surprise you that we do agree, I'm not enamoured at all with the current administration. If you are interested, you might read some of my earlier postings about the OWS movement, in the Apology blog. I'm not arguing for the current Democrats, just that there is a place for politcal discussion, and I'm appreciative of Mr. Trucks providing this space.

    Have a happy New Year.

  23. Butch I really hope you and the other ABB members do record again. The world needs another album from you guys and a tour to support it.

  24. I realize the Republicans tried to remove Clinton for getting a you-know-what, but the people who defended his transgressions were the first ones to jump on Cain.

    It was stupid to spend $30 million to prove a politician got a you-know-what, and it was also hypocritical to act outraged at another man for being accused of doing the same thing.

    As far as I'm concerned they can bring Clinton back and let him get his knobbed shined during the morning briefings.

    Arguing over Democrats and Replublicans is like the old Chevy vs. Ford argument - it's fun and cathartic but at the end of the day it doesn't change very much.

    I too appreciate the chance to interact with one of my musical heroes. Hopefully I'll hear his playing on a collection of new tunes soon.

  25. Jon,

    One of the reasons I participate in the OWS movement is to shift the debate out of the dictatorship of the duopoly conundrum and into substantive issues that neither of the corporate funded parties dare to confront. Remember Ralph Nader was threatened with arrest for just attending a presidential debate for which he had a valid ticket and Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik was actually arrested for trespass at one debate. As you accurately point out, the current political media charade is about as useful as Chevy v. Ford, (although Allman Bros. over Lynard Skynard is a hands down, no contest...) my question to you then is, How do we transcend that?

    Wishing you good health and us both a new collection of Allman Bros. tunes in a the new year,
    Robert Schwartz

  26. Hey Butch,

    Things that I'd love to see you cover in your blog in 2012:

    1 - how did you get into the drums, how old, influences, etc.
    2 - how was it as a parent while being in a famous rock band?
    3 - you mentioned being raised southern baptist, but now have different views of God. Can you get into why? i'm sure this post will cause a fire storm, but something tells me your skin is thick enough!
    4 - give us glimpses into the ABB Beacon run rehearsals

  27. Butch,
    Have a great new year.
    Keep on writing about what is important to you on this blog, that is the only way you can keep it real for yourself. You have brought up some important issues and insights, and despite the reactionaries, you have shown tolerance and a great deal of patience for the most part....hats off.

    Ben Merc

  28. Butch,
    Just read through your blog. I agree with some "rants" and disagree with others but that is the beauty of our country and with free speech. I love you for being confident enough in yourself and your opinion to post this blog. Thank you for wonderful memories and being honest.

  29. Just discovered this blog last night. Looking forward to further posts. Incidentally, Butch, any discussion of Occupy Wall Street would not be complete without going into the details of the bust out at Worldwide Grinding Systems.
    Thanks for all you do.

  30. Hey Butch,

    I've never heard anyone suggest this, but was Duane a huge Carlos Santana fan? There's a tremendous affinity in their playing: very sensitive, CLIMACTIC, use of fuzz tone... The Latin vibe of Liz Reed...

    Am I dreaming?

  31. It has dawned on me that I am a bigger fan of The Allman Brothers Band than I am of politicians. I pay attention to politics and vote, but music matters a hell of a lot more for my peace of mind than the state of politics.
    This works for me, you may try it, put on your favorite flavor of news, hit the mute button, put on Mountain Jam, and do the dishes. I usually run out of dishes before the song is over, so I wind up cleaning the whole kitchen. It is a win/win situation, mama is happy the kitchen is clean, I get 33.41 minutes of peace, and no politicos lie to me.

  32. Hey Mr.Butch,Im sorry this is off subject but i been a big fan of the allman brothers ever since I listened to you guys with my dad when i was a kid. i saw you guys in 2007 at the jazz fest in New Orleans and that show was Awesome! I been playing drums for about ten years and You,Jaimoe,and Paul Riddle from marshall tucker are my biggest influences. Keep Rocking!

  33. Was wondering if you had anything to say about the upcoming Beacon shows?