Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I Believe Is Going To Happen

I hope I am right, but there is no doubt that we will all know soon enough.

Since 1979, the House of Representatives by rule has automatically raised the debt ceiling when passing a budget, except when the House votes to waive or repeal this rule. Why has it done so now? It is my opinion (I know the quote about opinions, but this is MY blog, you are free to express yours in a response or you can simply ignore it) that the Republicans have, since he was elected, had making sure that our President is not reelected their number the top of their agenda. Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, even stated in a speech to the senate that it is his number one priority (above all else that our country requires) to make sure that Obama is not reelected in 2012. Since that statement there is little doubt that a minority in the senate have used tactics like the filibuster and the totally undemocratic ability that a single senator can block any bill from even coming to the floor for debate and vote to stop any initiative that might in any way help Obama even if its to the detriment of the country. This is democracy?

I digress: it seems quite obvious that Republicans in both houses are doing all in their power to undermine the President. I don't know about you but does this tactic seem to you a bit unpatriotic? We had an election. Obama won by a landslide. He is our president. To do anything possible to undermine him undermines the country and is, to me, traitorous. The Democrats did not agree with Bush, but in no way did they do to him anything even resembling what the GOP is doing to Obama. When, in the history of this country, has the Speaker of the House demeaned the president with such disrespect? Boehner called Obama the late night comedian in the White House after last night's speeches. Boehner also spurted several complete lies in his rant. I defy you to find a single untruth in Obama's.

I grew up in a country that was the dominate country and economy in the world. The US dollar, until just before "The Nixon Shock" of 1971 was what all currencies were tied to. It did turn out for the best when that policy allowed the dollar and all currencies the float. This policy has saved our butts on many occasions. This country became what it was to a great extent because the two or three generations before us (our grandparents and great grandparents) spent a large portion of their wealth creating the infrastructure that is the backbone of this country. They did these things (like the electrical grid, the rail system, the interstate highways, etc, etc) knowing that they would not benefit from them. These were massive, long term programs that they knew would take generations to complete. Still they loved this country and were patriotic enough to build them. We have been the beneficiaries of their largesse. What are we doing? NADA. Greed is the religion of this generation. We spend precious little even keeping this infrastructure in working order. Bridges are collapsing, the interstate highway system is in shambles, The electrical grid has already gone down for several days a few years ago in the northeast causing true chaos. Imagine if we get a repeat (we have done little to prevent this from happening) and New York is without power for weeks or even months. Total chaos will ensue. You can even imagine things getting severe enough that after all of the animals are eaten people will start eating each other. Why is this happening? GREED!!!!! Ronald Reagan and Gordon Gecko have led the way to where we are now where greed is no longer a negative but has become "The New American Way."

I continue with my digressions so enough. Back to the first five words of this blog. I must admit that after Obama's speech last night I am not so certain that what I thought yesterday is still true, but I still believe that in may be. We will find out in 6-7 days.

Obama has proposed a 4 trillion reduction in spending. He has asked to GOP to at least throw in a modest increase in revenues consisting of the removal of tax loopholes for the top 1% or so. I believe that he has offered these cuts (including the big three) knowing that Grover Norquist has 95% of the GOP by the balls and that there is no way that they will agree to any revenues, no matter where they come from.

He also knows that Wall Street and big business has let these Republicans know that not raising the debt ceiling and defaulting on loans already spent is not acceptable. The USA will lose it's position as the safest place to borrow and invest. We will most likely slip back in a recession much worse than the one we are coming out of, or worse and this will go global.

Obama has said that he will not sign any stop gap bills to get us through the short term and, knowing that Grover Norquist rules the GOP that there is no way the GOP will accept his 4 trillion dollar in tax cuts.

I believe (I hope) that at the last minute congress will pass a bill meant to gt us through the short term with not much more than a trillion or so in cuts and no revenues and that Obama will veto it. This puts the GOP between a rock and a hard place with nothing else to do but what has been done the last 89 times the debt ceiling was raised (17 times under Reagan, 7 under W) and in an hour or so (that's all it will take) pass a single sentence bill raising the ceiling from ..... to ....., no strings attached which is what almost every president for the last 89 debt ceiling increases have gotten and is what Obama asked for six months ago.

I hope I am right. I truly hope that Obama is this good. I know that he is smart enough it is simply a matter of having the balls to pull it off. We shall see all too soon.

Later yall


  1. I sure hope you're right. Obama hasn't come across as a particularly strong negotiator to date, but I think the Repubs have now pushed him too far and he's pissed. That might give him enough impetus to hold the line, which he *must* do.

  2. Its just an odd deal what's going on.
    The initial GOP position was cuts in exchange dollar for dollar to raise the debt limit by that amount (essentially the Reid plan now, that they say won't fly) then it got hooked up to a Balanced Budget Amendment, the old idea that the GOP used to take the House in '94, that when they had both the House and Senate, and the White House, they just flat forgot about.

    Now Boehner can't get his plan through the House that he said had bipartisan support in BOTH Houses. Its nuts, that he can't even deliver the votes on HIS OWN PLAN in the House.

    The GOP had the best deal with the first deal, 3 for 1 cuts to revenues, and the revenues consisting of closing tax loopholes. Loopholes that would be closed anyway if/when they reform the tax system.

    Now if we get the default that the folks sticking it to Boehner and the President want, EVERYBODY IN THE UNITED STATES is going to have to pay more because our credit rating gets cut.

    But I'd agree with the above poster when he states that the President when he says he doesn't seem like the toughest negotiator.
    But that seems like a political move for sure, trying to position the President in the center between the DEMs and the GOP.
    But still I think the President made an error coming out for the Reid plan in that speech. The President went on about fairness and shared burden, increasing revenue by closing loopholes, then came out and supported the Reid plan that had simply had cuts for raising the debt ceiling?

    But to finish, I agree Butch, its horrendous, and I think history will judge poorly what this President had to endure from the minority party during his term, whether its 4 or 8 years.

    "My sole legislative focus is to make sure Barack Obama is a one term President" is not something I think Mr. McConnell is going to be proud of when he looks back on his career.

  3. last I checked Butch your in the top 1%. you have made millions and should be a republican they want you to keep your money!!

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  6. Yes, I am in the top 1%. Worse than that I earn my income from many states and just about all of them hit me with state taxes for not being a citizen of these states. I and those like me (professional athletes, etc) pay close to 40% in taxes once the state and federal taxes are calculated. I pay these taxes willingly and I will not complain about having to do so. I do not believe that if I am to receive the benefits that I do living here I should have any qualms at all about paying my share.

    I posted a comment about an acquaintance from Palm Beach that said one evening that she felt that the rich should pay no taxes because they provide the jobs. In the fist place, the vast majority of jobs come from small businesses that are at the moment struggling to stay afloat. One of the main reasons the economy did so well under Clinton is that one of his first policy decisions was to create pools of federal funds so that small businesses could borrow the funds they needed to expand and entrepreneurs had access to the capital they needed to take a good idea and turn it into another small business that provided jobs. Poof, 22,000,000 jobs an expanding economy and the wonder of all wonders: a budget surplus. We all know what happened to that surplus. If we had stayed on that track we would be debt free within the next two decades instead we are still in the depths of the policies that took that surplus and turned it into massive debt.

    In the second place the company her husband made his fortune from used the public infrastructures, built and financed with our tax dollars to make the massive amount of wealth that he did. Because he provides jobs he shouldn't have to pay his fair share for the upkeep of existing systems and development of new and modern systems? Come on. Talk about greed at it's worst. This man and his family is extremely wealthy. He has more money than he could spend even if he tried and he just wants more. Who pays for his lack of participation? Those that are seeing their income drop while his and those like him have seen 300% increases in their wealth and more.

    Back to the point. I am in the top 1% and like Warren Buffet I am glad to pay my taxes. How about you? Do you think if is the right thing to live here, benefit from living here and not pay your share? REALLY????

  7. Do really think you should be paying welfare to women who have five baby's with five different men? I Don't!! Why should i pay for their delivery, care, food stamps, housing vouchers..
    Your on point with the small buisness are the ones who create the most jobs and they are not protected and taxed at the individual rates. That is why it does not make sense to raise taxes on the top 1%. I do agree corporate taxes and loop holes should be closed. You should be free to spend your money as you wish not have the government take it and redistribute it.
    Clinton enjoyed the success left over from Bush's dad and Reagan he never did much but get impeached.

  8. I always thought the flat tax was a good idea if you could get the greedy to actually declare all of their income. I have no problem paying my share of local, state and federal taxes. I am fortunate to have a roof over my head, a vehicle, education for my children in a country free of widespread famine and disease. We are too far removed from our immigrant roots. People came here for opportunity and embraced this country like a long lost relative. They loved it, cared for it, gave their lives to it without questioning what was in it for them. They fought in wars for a country they were not born in, worked long hours for little money, but made sure they gave future generations the opportunity to thrive. And We did!

  9. I think that's admirable, and anyone who thinks they should pay zero is out of their mind. One point I'd ask is this: Who is the better steward of your money? You or Gov't? Does it not bother you that they take so much and squander it? If more of it remained in your control, could you not do a better job of helping others as you see fit? If you (and I) kept more of what you earn, the ABB could do soo much beyond what you do now. I know you guys contribute to charity, and Warren is well known for Habitat for Humanity, etc. (Our office worked on a HfH house this spring, in fact) I just think that we as individuals are better, more efficient, and more ethical when it comes to allocating wealth for the common good than the state. The politics and power corrupts the process too much.

    -the new and less controversial Mike

  10. Butch, if I wanted to write a blog about politics I could just plagiarize from you. I am doing well and about to retire on a modest pension which will take care of my husband as well. since he was self employed and free lance, he has only $600 a month Social security for the rest of his life and no healthcare--he's on my lifetime plan that we pay into at $250 a month.

    Enough about me. Who is going to take care of our friends who have no family, no pension, no health care, no support system when the government is cut and no revenue is provided? It's already happening around us. Perhaps it was entitlements that kept our generation from planning ahead but for many years, I lived from paycheck to paycheck as did my husband and putting money away wasn't an option.

    For at least the last decade or more, the job creators have not paid their fair share of taxes and what jobs have they created? Jobs in China and India where they pay workers next to Nada and provide no healthcare benefits. Patriotism is paying taxes.

  11. "Do really think you should be paying welfare to women who have five baby's with five different men? I Don't!!"

    Typical strawman argument. It's interesting when you press conservatives about taxes they always bring up the "welfare queen", or all those people unemployed just because they are lazy and want to mooch off of everybody. If all the unemployed are unemployed because they are lazy then stop complaining about how there are no jobs as you are seriously contradicting yourselves.


  12. Wow. It makes me very sad to see that you're ready and willing to pay even more for such a crappy product. It has also greatly disappointed me that you fail to see the Democrat's part in this mess. Both parties are to blame, including your beloved Obama. Yes, the same Obama that has increased spending by 40%. The same Obama that says he's not politicizing this issue, and then blames the opposition. The same Obama that said "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies."

  13. Top one percent...{sighs) sheesh I couldn't even afford a frigging cup of coffee this morning on the way to work...I don't know know weather to envy or pity you...But I guess the jealousy I'm felling says I envy you...

  14. Tax what you buy not what you make.

  15. Sorry Butch but President Obama has been less than stellar given his resume. Please don't forget that he had unfettered power for 2 years; both houses of congress and a filibuster beating majority at that, and didn't get anything worthwhile done. His signature legislation, Obamacare, was snuck through by making back room deals, and basically lying to the public - with no review prior to the vote.

    He has never shown any strong leadership, and has continually deferred to the leaders of the Party in congress to set the tone.

    As far as comparing his treatment to that of his predecessors, you're off base. Every president has suffered rhetoric at the hands of the opposing party, and as an example when Speaker, Pelosi was vile in her criticism of President Bush.

    I'm a registered Democrat in NY, and I find the party to be an absolute embarrassment at times. I can't find any reason to wholly support either of the two major parties completely, I trend independent mostly, but you have to give the Republicans credit for staying on message; if only the dems had a message!

    They all lie, the difference is that the democrats lie to their base - and always get away with it!

  16. Butch what has Obama done exactly? He has done nothing but spend spend spend and when the Democrats had power he shoved things down Americans that nobody wanted such as the Debt busting Obamacare. What do you see in this guy he is the worst President in Decades no leadership.

  17. What GW did to this country should be punishable by death. And, the real culprit was Dick, who by the way, also got off scott free.
    No person following GW could ever turn things around in four years. Not even eight would be enough. Now the GOP has been trying to hide the fact that they had anything to do with this present state of affairs by using the old blame game on Obama and his administration to turn the attention of the public in hope that they forget. They all scattered from Bush's sight trying to distance themselves from his follies and his cronies. God damn sad really. And, they still have no real solution.

  18. Hi Butch. I can't believe I'm actually able to reach out to one of the drummers of the greatest band in my lifetime. I saw you first in '73 in Philly and several other times since. I hope you guys know the impact you've had on your fans.

    The labels liberal, progressive and conservative can not be given by a dictionary. The problem is that they change over time. What used to be a liberal is now what is common for conservatives. Today, liberals and progressives are similar. In fact the progressive label was adopted because it sounded better than 'liberal' which was getting a black eye in political circles.

    Often politicians try to destroy the image of their opponents. Liberals have done a pretty good job of destroying conservatives in the eyes of the public. Conservatives have attempted to do that to liberals but have not had much luck. Why is that? Maybe it's because liberals have the media on their side. I don't know for sure.

    You could say that "liberal" and "conservative" are different political ideologies. I would say that in most cases that liberals live through an ideology but conservatives do not. Why? Liberals tend to act on emotions. They are concerned for those unfortunate in society. If they are doing well, they may tend to feel bad that others are not. I am going to tell you something you probably don't believe. Conservatives have empathy for the unfortunate in society also.

    You're probably writing off at this point but you should read on. Conservatives want to help the unfortunate just as much as liberals (or what ever label you wish to use -- progressive, Democrat, etc). They simply disagree in the way to help the poor. When the top 1% do better, they actually bring the poor up with them. Right now you're probably disagreeing with me. But think about this. Compare the poor in this country with those in the poorest African states. The poor here can walk into any hospital and get free healthcare when needed. If your in a bind and need help getting on your feet, you can get it in this country. Democrats tend to think we can do better by showering the poor with benefits. Well, we've been doing that for most of my life and I am witnessing things getting worst. If I thought I could pull people out of poverty, I would fork over the credit card. But it's just not happening.

    Now I know your a big Obama fan but he's just not getting the job done. When he campaigned for president in 2008, during a debate with Hillary Clinton on ABC, he was asked this question: (I paraphrase) "Senator Obama, considering the fact that every time income taxes have been cut there has been increases in government tax revenue, why would you advocate increases in taxes?" His answer was that "we need to be fair." That means, he would prefer to raise income taxes and reduce tax revenue just so people would perceive him as being "fair." We can survive as a country with this attitude.

    Earlier I mentioned ideologies of different political thoughts. Conservatives don't have an ideology. They believe in what works. What works are individualists doing the best they can. Some will do well and others maybe not. But in the long term, the most talented among us will improve society for those who may be not as talented. The Allman Brothers Band have used their talent to generate so much wealth for so many people. Not just the musicians but all the people who make your concerts happen. And so many more have jobs along the way because of what you guys have created. This is what conservatives believe is the way to grow the economy. But when you attempt increase taxes on the most productive of society, you actually bring down those on the low end of society.

  19. Butch I love your blog I don't usually follow them but in times like these I need to be around normal people because the ignorance of some of these people is stunning, it seems FACTS have bypassed their world of Fox News and Rush Limbo.

  20. with great pride i am happy to know most of you agree Obama is clueless.

  21. It always strikes me as sad that the argument against using taxes to support the poor and disadvantaged is welfare mothers. Taxes are used to pay police and firemen, fund hospitals for everybody including those who have no health insurance who may actually be working. taxes pay the military who serve us. Taxes can be used to make jobs, really. Infrastructure. Maybe in an enlightened country, taxes could be used for education of the poor so they would take better care of themselves and not need welfare.

    I don't like my taxes going to buy weapons or paying members of congress who don't do their job but I don't get to pick and choose. I'm not looking forward to living in a country where there are only rich and poor. when we don't take care of those who don't have as much as we do, we devalue ourselves.

  22. As a liberal southerner, I always find it amazing that when I disagree with a conservative they always cry about free speech but when I utilize my free speech they just say "no you're wrong".

    Alright whatever. Butch you are absolutely right in what you say. You are what southerners used to be like before the right wing republicans took over the hearts and minds of a younger generation. There used to be a huge union movement here in North Carolina but these days you will only find people that think unions are a socialist take over.

    But I digress as well, regardless of how Obama's re-election campaign goes he will be remembered as being on the right side of history. Carter was soundly defeated in his re-election bid but now polls show that his polices are actually looked upon fondly by The majority of Americans.

    Every single forward movement by our country has been brought about by liberals. The founding fathers and Lincoln were the liberals of their day and they basically changed the world. But now America seems to be in love with conservatism. Conservative by definition means that you want to keep things the way they are now. Do you conservatives think things are good the way they are now? I don't, this is why I am a liberal.
    The government spends too much and that is why people are out of work? Any basic economy textbook will tell you that the only way to get out of a recession is to spend money. The stimulus plan sounded big but it wasn't even close to big enough. The statement that World War 2 ended the great depression is false. The war killed a lot of people and put some people to work but it was the democratic administration of FDR that SPENT MONEY to create the WPA that actually put people to work and ended the depression. It's a fact.

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  24. If people complain about the debt where were they when BUSH took a budget surplus and a 5.6 trillion debt that would have been paid off by 2010 and turned it into a 1.4 trillion defecit and when he left 12 trillion debt? because of AGAIN!,
    2 Tax cuts
    2 Wars
    1 prescription drug bill
    1 Bank bail out
    this led to :
    1 Obama Stimulus (which save jobs..Teachers , police, firemen.
    These are all FACTS.look it up and THINK!

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  27. Hey Butch,
    A couple of things - First of all, I thought you might like to know that the Allman Brothers helped me pick American University as my college. I didn't know anything about the school,but when i was in Washington looking at schools, I decided to take a detour to AU, mostly to see the place that the Brothers had recorded in 1970. I ended up loving it, and I'm now a senior, so thanks for that.
    My second point is a little more relevent to your post. A lot of what you said is dead on, but you have to admit that both parties are to blame for this mess. It's true that the Republicans won't compromise, but neither will the Democrats. This problem stems from what I think is the biggest problem in our democracy - redistricting. Redistricting in most states is done by the majority party in the state legislator. Often, they make congressional districts that are very oddly shaped in order to ensure that they contain a majority of people from their own party. The goal is to include as many voters from your party in a district as possible and have as few voters from the other party in the district as possible. What ends up happening is that the Representatives from this district don't have to be moderate, because their district is not moderate, it's either heavily Democratic or heavily Republican. There is no need for a Republican Rep. to appeal to moderate or liberal voters, because he or she could easily be elected without them. This is why the House is so polarized. If redistricting was done by an independent commission, or some non-partisan body, I think the word "compromise" might make a comeback in the House.
    And by the way - don't worry about the debt ceiling. Under the 14th Amendment, it's technically unconstitutional for the US to default, so President Obama could technically raise the debt ceiling by himself if need be.

  28. Matt B,

    I agree in principle with what you said. In fact I think you are dead on in many cases. However, the democrats are doing ALL of the compromising. As a liberal this is my problem with the democrats, they are caving in too much. They originally wanted more taxes on the top 1% and then they gave that up to taxes and cuts. Now they have up the taxes for all cuts. The republicans even refused this even though it is exactly what they wanted to start with. I don't know if you know this but Representative Eric Cantor has invested millions in a hedge fund against the US government. If the government defaults then he makes a profit. It probably comes as no surprise that he is the major hold up to this getting done. This should be illegal.

  29. Maybe if Obama and the Democrats used the stimulus package to actually build our nation's infrastructure as opposed to paying off every liberal special interest group,a lot of people could be back to work already AND the American people might have just a little more faith in their elected leaders. Take just one look at Nancy Pelosi attempting to spin to George Stephanopoulos the tale that hundreds of millions of dollars she was hoping to funnel to Planned Parenthood in the Stimulus Bill, was good for job creation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZWn1eRzvyw

  30. What amazes me is that there is a consensus of polls that show that 60 some % of American want a balanced approach - spending cuts and tax increases on the wealthy / closing loopholes. Yet even last night I saw on TV 1 Republican after another state that the American people don't want tax increases. These Republicans certainly know what the polls are saying, yet they lie & lie in front of TV cameras. They are ideologues and dug into their trenches. They make me sick - they'd rather make the poor, the middle class, the elderly suffer, or worse...tank the economy instead of attempting to compromise and understand reality. I find these Tea Party types to be in denial and most do not understand the basics of Economics 101. I have heard enough of them talk to realize that some are sharp, but more seem to be lightweights. Shame on the people that put them in office. Those who voted for them may get screwed by their own votes in the end.

  31. Bill..i guess your one of those people who doesn't care about FACTS, %40 of the stimulus was TAX CUTS, yes you got a tax cut, the rest was aid to states to keep POLICE, FIREMEN and TEACHERS working i guess you call them "SPECIAL INTRESTS" i call then IMPORTANT and the rest was for construction projects..you know the projects Republicans were against but were happy to pose at ribbon cutting ceremonies. As far a Nancy Pelosi funneling millions to Planned Parenthood(also important, i asume your pro - life) the key word that you said yourself was "HOPING" so your ignorance is showing again. If you wanted spending on MORE infrastructure projects talk to the Repuiblican party their the ones who watered down the bill and cut money for that and will not spend on it now either.. What this country needs right now is to SPEND MORE!(Infrastructure is a good way to go) that's right good old Keynesian economics works everytime! The stimulus saved jobs i guess you don't care about that. No wonder this country lost 7 million jobs under Republican leadership.

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  34. OK - a little Econ 101.

    The Lorenz Curve (income distribution curve) has steepened over recent years. The regressive Bush tax cuts has a cause and effect impact on this. Fewer and fewer of the population has more and more of the nation's income. The rich get richer. The poor and the middle class fade behind, and their income levels flatten or decline.

    Trickle down does not work as most republicans think. If so, where are all the jobs that the rich are supposed to create? Instead they save $, and only a limited amount of the savings reaches the lower levels as investments for economic growth.

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  37. "Shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected"- Barack Obama

    Must have been George Bush's fault again.

  38. Didn't Gov Fat Ass Christie turn down a tunnel project? theres a construction project for YA. As we say in New York GO BACK TO JERSEY! that would have helped

  39. On Thursday amid an crisis of thier own creation the hose Republican were busy NAMING POST OFFICES? great bunch

  40. To Wired
    Analyze this!!!

    YBIF =(your being ignored factor)
    FLLNJ =(far left liberal nut jobs)
    CS =(common sense)
    AUDD = (as usual disillusioned democrats)

  41. A $12 billion dollar tunnel to Macy's basement paid for by money borrowed in the taxpayers name? With New Jersey facing over $100 billion dollars in unfunded public worker pensions and healthcare costs ($66.7 billion alone according to the Pew Center), the state can't even pave it's roads. Coincidental isn't it, that New Jersey residents have the highest tax burden per capita in the country while also having the highest unfunded public liabilities of any U.S. citizens.

    If high taxes are the answer, well let's just say this: Have you been to Newark lately?

  42. By the way , why did Andrew Cuomo just cut taxes on the wealthiest taxpayers in New York? Why does Andrew Cuomo think they shouldn't "pay their fair share"?

  43. By the way , why did Andrew Cuomo just cut taxes on the wealthiest taxpayers in New York?
    To Give Butch and the Brothers a Tax Break!!

  44. To give butch and the brothers a tax break of course.

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  46. Soren Lemche, Rio de JaneiroJuly 30, 2011 at 7:41 PM

    The US situation currently is not good, BUT to put it in Democrats x Republican, "Left" x "Right" isnt going to improve the situation.

    -Less orders, less production, more people on the streets, Less taxes coming in from sales, and less tax payers. The rescue packages to GM, Wall Street and Small Interprise had to be done and yet, the results are poor, since less people are able today, to buy new cars ! Prices raise to cover immediate costs. People spend less !

    Just an example, My Hammond Organ (XK 3C) cost me U$ 1899.00 some 18 months ago, now its, at the same store, U$ 2199.00. And since Hammond launched a new model (SK-1), mine is more expensive and "obsolete". Go figure !

    Raising the dept ceiling is like peeing in the pants on a cold evening, It'll give relief for a few minutes.

    A "consensus" solution is just to do what you described, Butch, and it has to be done rather urgently. Europe and China are more than willing to help the US Industry and consumer market and this can only happen with a new raise in D.Ceiling.

    Now as for the Republicans exposing the weak Obama administration is one thing ( I think they "Rep" are right), The timing and ocasion is bad.

    But hey, kneel on corn every night and say a thankfull prayer, You still live in the greatest democracy on earth. :)

  47. Butch, the pickle we are currently in is all Dickey's fault, blame him....

  48. Sigh. The politicians do as they will. Let's return to a discussion of music. Butch, how about an overview of your nephew? When did you first realize that Derek had the gift? To what extent have you followed his solo career? My fondest desire is that the ABB release another album of new music (whether in the studio or live)that further shows what this line-up can do.

  49. I happen to like the Warren Buffet solution, something to the effect of;
    We could end the debt crisis quickly and fairly simply....Pass a law stating that any current sitting members of Congress will immediately be un-eligible for re-election if the national debt exceeds 3% of the GDP during their term....
    Shit, the house and senate would be half empty!!!

  50. HAHA. BUTCH!!! What have you started???

    For real true though, I'm ready for the next blog. I've been checking for the past 4 days waiting on it. I'm hooked.

    Peace and Allman Brothers

  51. Butch I hope you are happy now Obama and the democrats have led america down the tubes you must have lost a bundle in the last week. Wake up and vote Republican...

  52. Dad,
    I've never been as deep into the political spectrum as you have. That may be irresponsible and idealistic of me, but the one thing I truly hope for is a peaceful and stable nation for your grandchildren to grow up in. I truly hope that the powerful remember that there are people struggling every day just to provide a beautiful life for the ones they love. Life is not supposed to be a power struggle. I want to be part of the solution, but it seems to me that none of them really care about fixing anything, they only care about their own power. It has become a game of seeing who can make the other look the worst.


  53. You got a great son there. He is smart. I hate all politicians, because face it, who would want to be one except power hungry folks. Most are not even educated in economics or anything else for that matter. But the raising the debt ceiling thing has been going on for a long time. AJC had a great article in it about who we owe money to. Most people think China ownes us, but that is not true. Most of the US debt is borrowed from the US. Social Security and the Federal Reserve. The article likened it to a very wealthy man that had three houses, a yacht, many fancy cars and motorcycles ( made me thing of Gregg there) and bought a plane. He got into trouble and had to borrow from the other assets to keep the plane from going into default. That is a simple simon explanation. But one people can get there heads around. So bottom line the assets are still there, they are just tied up.

  54. So Bush cuts taxes but spending increases. Revenue decreases at the same time yet it's all Obama's fault. Tea Party righties and flakes like Michele Bachmann say the debt crisis is scare tactics by Obama & the Dems. Man, isn't she one intelligent politician. Then S&P downgrades us - guess that show Michele was right once again. Keep in mind that Obama tried for the bigger deal, but was shot down by the Repubs. Oh, and S&P said that the larger approach with taxes on the wealthy would have preserved the AAA rating. But its all Obama's fault say Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, and the other wanna be prez contenders. It's as if the entire economic baseline was reset to zero when Obama was elected - nothing prior to him mattered. 60 + percent of those polled want taxes on the wealthy, but Cantor says, "We're not going to tax the American people". Well Eric, what percent would actually see an increase? Answer - somewhere between 2 & 3%. This will truly become an election stump issue & a loser for the right wingers. The right wingers said once they won the house they would begin to create jobs. Take a look at the the first 3 bills they passed - all had to do with social issue of making abortion more restrictive. This is what and who they are & what they really care about.

  55. The republicans have held this country hostage, since Obama took office. Now the republican party is really three different parties, in total disarray. Yet they carry one mission, which is to get Obama and the dems out next year. They don't care about ordinary people and their struggles. They don't care about job creation. They don't care about bringing troops home, unless maybe it's they're own kid. They could care less about people who need medicare or medicaid. They could care less about social security. Their single minded agenda is getting the dems out and getting their kickbacks from their lobbyists. And, they dare to call themselves patriots. It's plain and simple folks, we cannot move forward without bipartisanship, which the republicans refuse to be part of. Oh yeah, they lie and tell us they are, but come on folks, wake up and know what's really going on.

  56. Just wanted to apologize to all for removing my comments...(I guess I had a moment of stage fright [more like terror...LOL] and ran off the stage...{so to speak})

  57. Amen Brother Butch. Man alive, I have enjoyed reading your blogs. And the comments as well. But my poor ole eyes are drooping so I'm out for now. I may leave some relevant comments when I'm not so tired and my brain is working...lol. By the way, I hope you dont mind but I have been linking some of these to my facebook page in hopes of making more people aware and drawing them here.