Saturday, July 23, 2011


Being I had to remove the video from Byron, I though you guys might enjoy these images from there. The first bunch are scans of what you can see that they are. I stuck the photos of the Allman Brothers at the bottom so you would go through them all. 



  1. Thank you, Butch. For my mind, the photos will enhance my listening experience of the Pop Fest, '70. I love listening to the band's evolution from the early spring of that year to the fall (the famous Fillmore footage says it all). I think '70 needs some re-examination by ABB fans - and maybe another official release!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to put these pics up! Enjoyed the trip back in time. :-)

  3. thanx for sharing Butch - great stuff - a nice flashback to an incredible time in history...

    long live the ABB! bring down the house this Wednesday at the Beacon !


    Thought you might enjoy this article from Jessica Walden's blog. I was only 14, from Macon and my parents wouldn't let me go. One of the best parts of the festival was when all those thousands of people pulled down their pants (those that had on pants)and mooned Lester Maddox flying over in a helicopter.

  5. Butch, you are a very insightful man. The internet is a perfect venue for you to share your words of wisdom to both fans and foe. It is great to read your thoughts and actually learn something meaningful. I look forward to reading your messages and am honored that you share your personal experiences and are not afraid to share your personal views with your fan base. I am much younger than you and of another generation. It is difficult to lookup to some contemporary "leaders" with respect because they often lack virtue and the moral responsibility to do the right thing. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts in the future. Welcome to the Blog world, it has been long overdue.

  6. To say one party is better than the other party when it comes to financial responsibility is quite absurd.

    Obama is Bush on steroids. There is no difference in economic policy or the war machine.

    Of course, they aren't talking about the real problem, the expense of our military. That is what is bankrupting this country. What happened to left when it comes to war? Where have they gone?

    Obama has only escellated the wars, not ended them. He claimed he was going to get rid of special interest too, but they still run DC.

    You know that things are screwed up when the only place in the United States that is seeing an increase in home values is Washington DC.

    The DNC has been hijacked by Wallstreet (see BOA and Goldman Sachs) and they are no different than the Republicans. Just look to the removal of Glass-Steagal and what Clinton and Ruben did and you can see why both parties hold equal blame in this mess.

    Heck, they (The Banksters) own both sides of the argument and they love to push and pull Americans.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Divide and Conquer, works every time.

    You can't destoy a Republic overnight, it takes time, and your kids futures.

  7. to July, 26, 5:58 pm..U are right on, nothing has changed,,and what about all that Hope,,,HA<HA the joke is on all the people,,,,To Quot,CCR,,,all they want is More, More, More,,,

  8. Rip it up at the Beacon tonight,,,",THE" best band in the World,,,,,Period,,,,

  9. My uncle, from Montezuma, GA, was there. He always tells me he always thought of himself as a "cooler than most" for people of that time and era in S. GA prior to 2nd Atl Pop. BUT, he said that spun his life in a 360 and from then on he lived to the beat of a different drum. He says, "it was just beautiful, but damn was it hot".

    Peace and Allman Brothers

  10. Thanks Butch! and Great Work These pictures are enough to tell the whole story.

  11. Thanks Butch for the great photo memories. And congrats on an amazing show in NYC, how can you keep topping yourselves? I really don't want to know, just keep doing it! I'm back from a Macon/Atlanta long weekend, saw Derek and Susan (and a hella lotta their friends)at Chastain. That "Midnight in Harlem" is so soulful. We also made a visit to the Big House where Peggy & EJ were so gracious. I made a donation to the Museum while we were there that might just interest you. The video is just over a minute, Peace Brother, and thanks again for a lifetime of musical memories.

  12. I was there, in the creek, in that pool, camped down Acid Alley, listening to AAB play most of the night. It was amazing! I have a picture of the couple that slid down the slide naked and "united", surrounded by lots of other naked people waiting their turn.
    I hung out with the band when you guys had that house in Sarasota on Big Pass Lane, Siesta Key, and played every weekend at the Amory all summer. It's stuff of legends here now.
    Steve Lake, Sarasota