Thursday, February 21, 2013


You may want to check out this promotional video I made for my multi-media presentation, "Fishin' With Duane"- I will present this live at Roots Rock Revival on June 5, 2013.


  1. Honestly Butch I believe I could sit and listen to you tell ABB stories for hours and days on end. Wish I could attend the workshop you are holding, just not going to make it. Sometime soon maybe you too will write a book..
    Best to you and the entire ABB family...
    Janine/Long Island NY

    1. Janine- Some people have implied that I talk a bit too much, but thanks for the kind words.

  2. Butch, this is really great. Would love to see you and ABB do something similar to Rolling Stones doc., "Cross Fire Hurricane". We would love to see the footage and hear all of the stories. It would be a documentary for the ages. Break a leg next week! Have a great run!
    L from LI

  3. Hey Butch,
    Geoff and little Beau tore up the "spot tail " last week and looks as if the three of us will have time this spring-summer to fish together. I am totally looking forward to it and come join us if you can.

    Kindest Regards,

    Beau G.

    P.S. I am sure the beacon run will be stellar! I am not a robot.

  4. Butch. Enjoyed the story about Duane & the cocaine. I had heard it before but can't remember where. Sorry to hear about Dan Toler passing. First time I saw Dan with the ABB was in Durham, N. C. in 1979 on the "Enlighten Rouges" tour. It been over 30 years but I'm rather sure Bonnie Bramlett was with the band that night. Remember seeing Dan Toler up close in a small club in 1986. It was billed as "The Allman Brothers Band" on radio & on the sign out front & posters placed outside & inside too! But it turned out to be Gregg & Dickey solo with both bands playing a set together at the end. I remember Dickey telling the people about half way into the show "that sign outside is a lie. We don't call this the Allman Brothers. Butch Trucks & Jaimoe are not here tonight".

  5. Please have this presentation recorded or taped for the people! There are many of us young people (who don't have the ability to make the festival) who still idolize the movement, (and the trip)the brothers created back in 69'. Making this presentation available, can help restore the soul, the brotherhood and the freedom of what music really means to my generation. This can open the eyes to the people. Me and all of my people travel from music festival to music festival yearly. Most of the time I mention Allman brothers they give me a funny look, thinking it's country or some shit because it's old, and they automatically judge without listening. This video could open my friends eyes, along with all of us gypsies these days, to what music really is.

  6. I can tell you some really cool story's about Duane, from before the ABB...I can also tell you just were his "dream" started...and what a really nice guy he was...always...wish I could talk to you.

    1. Would love to hear your Duane stories.

  7. Hey Butch,

    Great stories.

    In the late 70s, you came in sat in with the band I played with (Collage) a few times at a place called Tommy's in Tallahassee FL. Maybe the attraction was that we had 2 percussionists along with our drummer.


  8. Thanks for the stories, Butch. The newer generations need to know about Duane. His incredible contribution to music must not be forgotten.

  9. I cant believe once again only one song is played that you recorded years ago. You keep playing the same songs over and over. What about It Ain't Over Yet, Bad Rain, Get On With You Life, Temptation Is A Gun, High Falls, Pegasus, Win,Lose or Draw, Angeline, Nobody Knows, Can't Take It With you. Instead of these you keep bringing in cover songs play your own stuff if you can't create a new song.

  10. you do know that playing old song you previously recorded will spur old album sales from us old hippies.

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  12. Whatever has happened to these songs why have you not played them in DECADES.....

    Come on butch make it happen. Instant Live Sales surely you can play them you recorded them!!

    There are thirty more lets goooooooooooo

    Cant Take It With You everybody Knows!!!
    Get On With Your Life
    Temptation Is A gun
    It Ain't Over Yet
    Shine It On
    Bad Rain
    Long Time Gone
    Win, Lose, Or Draw
    Just Ain't Easy
    High Falls
    Crazy Love
    What's Done Is Done
    There Ain't Nothing You Can Do

  13. What a great show and what a great time! Two days of travel and half a lifetime in preparation. I got the see the ABB at the Beacon Friday night with my daughter who lives in NYC. Such a great group of musicians and it looked like everyone in the house and on stage was having a blast. What a band, what a show. And Butch you seemed to be flying and yet rock solid. And has Gregg's voice ever been more suited to the tunes?

    Steve from Fairbanks

  14. It's Berry Oakley's birthday. He would have been 65.

  15. Wow. It's also Muddy Waters' birthday. He would have been 100.

  16. any chance you can post an update on moogis on the moogis site. Dead? Alive? Life Support? Options!!

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  18. Hi Butch,

    I am contacting you on behalf of Joyce Knight. You remeber Joyce don't you. She did vocals and backup at Capricorn in Macon. Hop's old roommate. She would really like to get in touch with you. Call her at 770-203-7390

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